Monday, June 25, 2018
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East Texas Forestry Services provides our clients with timber volume and value estimation. To appraise the value of timber, a detailed on-site examination of the property is completed.  An analysis of the property includes the amount of timber per acre, the quality of the timber, and local market conditions.  

Timber appraisals can serve many purposes including preparation for land sales, estate planning & division, loan collateral, and as a first step for a Forest Management plan.  One often overlooked value of a Timber Inventory is to provide an actual cost basis and value.  Cost basis includes all the costs related to the land purchase including surveys, fees for forestery services, title searches, and any other costs.  After this figure is determined, a depletions rate can be determined.  This allows the owner to recover his cost in the timber and calculate the gain or loss from timber sales.

With an accurate timber appraisal, projected yields can be determined to predict timber volume and future financial return.  This information can become the basis for a timber management program to meet financial goals of the client.

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