Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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East Texas Forestry Services has many years of experience in timber sales. Our-up-to date knowledge of local market conditions and local buyers, allows us to produce a marketing plan providing a maximum return for your timber.

A successful timber sale begins with an accurate timber appraisal to determining volume and an estimate of value. A sales prospectus is prepared and distributed to local buyers. East Texas Forestry Services prepares a sales contract for the successful bidder.

After the sale, the harvesting operation is monitored. When the harvest is complete, roads and property access routes are evaluated to ensure their acceptable condition.

Successful timber sales only occur when when properly managed by someone with the experience, knowledge and skills necessary to provide ever aspect of the sale. Whether your timber sale is modest in size or includes timber from hundreds of acres, East Texas Forestry Services has unparalleled success.

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